Industry Insights

Seven step process for selecting the right CTMS for your business model. There are many options in CTMS Vendors and making the wrong selection can be an enormous waste of time, money, and resources.

The Problem

By now, there are nearly a hundred or so options for CTMS software. There is at least one solution that best fits a particular organization's system requirements -- but which one? The cost of making the wrong selection can be enormous.

A principal mistake has been for a company to buy a CTMS to manage the current, low-level of clinical trial activity. When the company expands from Phase II to Phase III trials, the organization suddenly discovers that their ‘choice’ was not designed to be ‘scalable’ and cannot respond to the increase in data capture, data management and documentation requirements. The same can be said when some of these companies have found out that the simpler, often ASP-hosted systems they originally deployed, cannot handle a high level of volume.

This inefficiency attracted the attention of Atlant Systems while working with clients. For several years, Atlant Systems has been advising clients on their system requirements and what pitfalls to avoid.

The Solution

In response to the problems above, Atlant Systems’ consultants, developed a process of evaluating and selecting the right computer software. Atlant Systems has published an “Evaluation and Selection Guide” documenting the process. The guide is based upon industry-accepted problem analysis and decision making methodologies.

The validity of the process has already been established in the most convincing way by practical application - on the job - in numerous client engagements. In order to make the right software selection, the evaluators have to know how to ask the right questions and correctly analyze the results.

Ultimately, it is these methods outlined in this guide that lend a hand to companies trying to make the right selection.