Atlant Systems' Consulting Services offers clients the skills and industry knowledge to implement a successful solution. Consulting projects are guided by these principles:

Systems must be cost effective:
In order to be effective, systems must produce information on a timely, cost-effective, and accurate basis. In many cases, information is most valuable when it is shared, consistent, and can be readily changed or updated by the group of people who are using it.

People are the most important ingredient:
The most important and, unfortunately the most neglected components of a company's systems are the people and the procedures they follow. People, not software, decide whether to implement the recommended actions based upon the information derived from the information system. It is very important that the database be dependable, up-to-date, with high data integrity, and have the flexibility to accommodate many forms and types of information.

There must be a reasonable payback period:
An efficient and practical development strategy, implementation methodology, and project plan are essential to achieving a smoothly functioning system.

Applications are tailored:
Atlant Systems deployment methodology is based upon tried and proven information systems disciplines. This preserves and materially enhances the substantial investment an organization already has in existing systems.

Systems must go through a shakedown period:
Systems still need to be piloted and paralleled before they are brought on line. Documentation for the system and for the end user must still be published.