Training Campus

A life sciences company's quality management initiatives must incorporate assurances that employees are performing functions in accordance with qualifications, corporate policies and industry regulations.
Training Campus is an enterprise software solution specifically designed to manage the education and learning activities.
Training Campus delivers a training management program that includes the management of courseware, course curriculae, course catalogs and content, instructor and student records, course certification records, "missed class "alerts, early warnings, course schedules and exception reporting.

Training Campus interfaces with a company's:

- e-mail system
- Human Resources System
- Document Management System

To provide these powerful features and functions:

  • User Interface -- Training Campus is "user friendly" and intuitive to the training administrator who must see both standard reports as well as views of data for ad hoc analysis.
  • Reports -- Periodic Reports are produced by the Training Campus administrator to help identify gaps in training.
  • Master Employee Directory – All company employees in the Training Campus are loaded from the company’s e-mail address book. The employee ID is used as the basis for indexing the Master Employee Directory for employee lookups in the Training Campus.
  • EDMS Interface – Training Campus can be interfaced with the company’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to automatically notify employees when quality documents change or are newly published.
  • Email alerts - to notify employees and their managers about Scheduled Training, retraining, or missed training.
  • Flagged Employee Records -- Employee Records are flagged for training, based upon training requirements defined in the "Needs Assessment" tab within each employee's profile. The Tab includes information about training events the employee needs to attend as well as the frequency of the training requirement; e.g.: annually, semiannually, etc.
  • Reading Documents Requirements – The company’s training administrator can verify that employees have read new revisions of SOP's that do not require additional training. These items are defined as "Required Reading" Documents. In addition to capturing data on which documents have been read and by whom, notifications by e-mail are also logged.
  • Training Course Calendar -- A "Training Course Calendar" View and report lists currently scheduled courses, etc.
Features and Benefits
  • Complete Curriculum Management
  • Automatic course scheduling by job description
  • Interfaces with Document Management Systems
  • Automatic email alerts to maintain compliance
  • Provides for "course testing and certifications"
  • Is compliant with the FDA's 21 CFR part 11