Health Agency Tracking (HATS) manages queries and the corresponding responses between pharmaceutical companies and their respective Health Agencies.

HATS helps users collaborate and manage documents quickly and efficiently with the right level of security. Drug project members are automatically notified and then monitored for responses to the inquiry.

HATS allows remote users to participate in responses via dial-up, intranet, or extranet. Requests for actions and process notifications appear in the recipient's electronic mail box. Drug team members can enter data on site or after hours via a laptop. All editions and responses made to the inquiry remotely are replicated to the centralized HATS database, thus dramatically expanding accuracy and productivity.

Formal, written reponses are appended to the resolved inquiry. Administrators and users having proper access can view an audit trail, or chronological history, of all the activities associated with a document. When an authorized user clicks on the "Audit history" button a comprehensive listing appears of the author who first created the document, the date and time this took place, the sequence of authors who subsequently edited the document and the dates and times these editing activities occurred. All versions of a document are noted within the audit trail, providing a complete history of the document's life.

Features and Benefits
  • Centralized management
  • Automatic notification and escalation to enforce action items, via electronic mail routing
  • Management of responses through appropriate states of development and approval
  • Automated document control
  • Consolidation of review and approval history and of actions associated with the query and response
  • Locking upon completion of controlled records