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Specific applications in the regulatory environment. Improving safety environments. Helping to formulate better relationships between clients, customers and business partners
Expert professional services in the area of Cloud based applications, Business Intelligence and Life Science. Careful engagement management and transfer of knowledge to our clients
Using modern technologies to integrate, connect systems with different background, on different platforms. Comprehensive, easy-to-follow process to evaluate customer needs
By utilizing the services of our professionals who have analyzed multiple clinical environments, clients are able to realize tangible benefits and pragmatic value from our applications

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page1_img3 CTMS Planning Study

A two-week engagement with your project team to put you on the right track to implementing CTMS.

page1_img8 Clinical Process Re-Engineering

Highlighting areas where changes to processes and workflow will make the biggest impact on valuable time and resources.

our products


Secure access to Domino server with two-factor authentication.


EDMS that can be tailored to fit your enterprise and each department.

page1_img10adWATCH – AE

Effective tool for managing Adverse Event Reports (AERs).

page1_img9Protocol Manager

Full-scope, configurable, off-the-shelf Clinical Trials Management System.