Atlant Systems' practice for developing and deploying applications utilizes a phased approach and regular interaction with the client. Atlant Systems emphasizes careful engagement management and transfer of knowledge to our clients through joint engagement management and development activities.

In working with our client, Atlant Systems is a partner throughout the project, with special emphasis on the investigation of technical issues and the coordination of the overall implementation effort. Atlant Systems phased approach to deploying an application or system is called ACTION.

By following the precepts and tasks outlined in ACTION, the Atlant Systems engagement team ensures that all critical issues are addressed and that the steps necessary for the success of the engagement are taken in an organized, timely manner. ACTION provides for the right kind of reengineering and system integration services to client management that are in the process of deploying a new application.

The ACTION workgroup strategy focuses on enabling clients with training, retraining, automation procedures and Business Process Redesign techniques. Using ACTION and the combined resources of the selected computer systems, our clients can be assured that the proper approach to planning and reengineering will be timely, up-to-date, and least costly.

The ACTION approach by Atlant Systems is based on the need for a multi-disciplined, experienced approach to solving real business problems. What is so unique about ACTION is that it combines the very best and latest management and operating techniques with the experience and know-how of Atlant Systems. Atlant Systems espouses the reality that PEOPLE, not machines, manage client companies. The ACTION approach is a PEOPLE-oriented, reengineering and systems integration approach to improving company operations.